Case study: Making a mark in an already saturated market

This post was done in conjunction with webe digital.


Webe officially launched in Malaysia in 2016. Formerly known as Packet One Networks, it launched on 30 September with a single plan. It was the fifth player to enter a highly penetrated mobile subscriber market of 140%.


Prior to its service launch, webe set out to build a test bed of registered members, equipped with LTE850-compatible smartphones, for pre-launch products and services. The company recruited a community of registered members with LTE850-compatible smartphones as webe operates on the low frequency bandwidth of 850mhz. This meant that when a user had an LTE850-compatible smartphone on webe’s network, they had access to webe’s full service before the launch.

The media agency involved was m/SIX Agency, a division of WPP Marketing, while the creative agency was Grey Worldwide Malaysia.

However, as not all consumers had LTE850-compatible smartphones, consumer education had a crucial role to play. For instance, service offerings on the basis of what bandwidth is best has rarely been communicated before. Therefore awareness and understanding in this area is low. Mobile phone bandwidth is a technicality very few would understand and most would ignore.

All these would need to be overcome with a limited media budget, in an industry that is among the five most “noisiest” (based on 2015 Malaysian ADEX). Given the volume of people, content and activities vying for the attention of the average urbanite, we knew we needed to make it worth their while to engage with us.


While everyone loves a good deal and specific to mobile behaviour, the brand's target audience was largely the Millenials (25-44 years) as mobile games is something 46% of them engage in.

The brand therefore looked to "gamify" the exercise of data collection by means of a competition anchored on QR-code scanning.  The brand wrapped the education and engagement process into a QR-based, mobile-enabled treasure hunt, offering prizes and deals.

Participation in the treasure hunt required participants to download an app – the webe850 app. Upon successful installation of the webe850 app, the app would detect the phone’s compatibility and users were notified via a pop message once they logged into the app. This served to identify and to inform the user that his/her smartphone is LTE850-compatible i.e. made to perform best on webe’s network.


To drive excitement, the brand blanketed Malaysia in a sea of QR codes, in an effort to create experiences across multiple states and platforms, both on the online and offline mediums

  • On-ground: A giant QR-code maze was erected in Sunway Pyramid. It featured 12,000 QR codes printed on the walls of the maze, where participants stood the chance to win everything from vouchers, smartphones and subscription plans.To extend this nationwide, via a collaboration with TGV Cinemas, webe organised a free movie day for the Warcraft movie. It was screened at cinema halls in three major states, with free tickets being made available to users who scanned the QR codes that was placed in the cinemas itself and on the webe850 website
  • Online: webe partnered with beverage franchises (e.g. Coffee Bean, Boost Juice), a cinema, a ride-hailing service, and a pharmacy to give out vouchers to consumers who scanned the QR codes displayed on each of the brand’s Facebook Page – giving us access to these brands fans – that are then redeemable at their stores[gallery ids="168336,168335"]

For contextual relevance, as the campaign period coincided with the Ramadhan festive period, webe deployed a roving QR-code machine to 23 dining outlets and food bazaars where participants stood the chance to win “Duit Raya.”

To sustain interest and to fuel continued engagement throughout the  seven weeks, besides the easy scan-and-win prizes listed above, a points-based system was created which customers a chance to win treasured experiences. This could either be in the form of a holiday to a private island in Belize or a castle in UK, and a chauffeured MPV for a year.

All of these was designed so that social buzz, across all social media platforms, becomes the core of the campaign’s reach strategy, supplemented by the use of online advertorials, digital influencers and radio.


Once completed, the campaign saw a 66.3% lift in brand awareness. The webe850 app downloads and social conversations trended during the seven week campaign period.

  • Campaign reached 10 million customers
  • It generated 1,075,512 social media conversations
  • Conversations around the app started trending at the third rank on Twitter, and second on the day of the launch
  • It recorded 60% above target for app downloads
  • The app peaked as the number one free “lifestyle” app on iTunes Malaysia on 15 May 2016, and stayed within the top 10 throughout the campaign period.
  • The app was ranked the fourth most downloaded new app on Android Playstore on the third day of the campaign

Most importantly, the campaign registered and established a test bed of users (+73% above target) – all of whom were informed and validated as having LTE850-compatible smartphones – that provides a  base on which to drive subsequent pre-launch product development and service launch initiatives.