Case Study: How Snickers got adventurous


The year 2013 was ending. In the period leading towards Christmas, Snickers sought a campaign to stand out against other “gifting” chocolate brands. As it stood, Snickers was yet to be associated in terms of this seasonal period.

Snickers was already associated with being “sporty”, “adventurous” and “dynamic” – and with the purpose of the campaign to capture the imagination of Singaporeans during the year-end period, which was also a time where people were off work and school and travelling a lot, the Snickers Year End Adventure was born. The main objective of the campaign was to cement the notion that Snickers complements any adventure and should also be at the top of anyone’s mind during the festivities.

The campaign asked Snickers’ Facebook fans to share their last year-end adventure of 2013 – and in return, Snickers would reward the lucky winner with their first adventure in 2014. The four-week campaign ran on multiple platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. The brand thought it was also time to test new ground to launch Snickers into Instagram, which has resonated well with the Singaporean youth segment.



Starcom Malaysia, the agency behind the campaign, created the #SnickersAdventure experience – “Have your last adventure as 2013 draws to a close and let Snickers reward your first 2014 adventure.”

Snickers’ Facebook was used for multiple calls for entries.

The experience also leveraged other social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Fans were asked to hashtag #snickersadventure, #[activity], #[location] when submitting entries, which increased the organic reach of the experience.

Photos from Instagram were pulled into the Snickers’ Facebook page and selected photo entries were also repurposed into video format at the end of each week to be used as viral content.

The fans took an immediate liking to #SnickersAdventure. Fan engagement at 14% (“People Talking about This”) for December was over six times more than in previous months.

Non-fans readily joined in the campaign, and were converted as the fan base grew by 24%.


Active jet-setters, adrenaline seekers and mobile youth were eager to share their adventures. Content generated from users gave a ROI of seven times the investment.

Twenty seven days, 1143 pictures, five million impressions and 47,000 clicks later, Snickers ended 2013 on a high note; while the #SnickersAdventure winner received her first 2014 adventure.

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