Case study: How Nestle gained momentum with mums

In today's ever-cluttered world, engagement is key in building a closer relationship with your consumers. Regardless online or offline, brands are constantly trying to connect with their target audience, finding various means on different communication channels.

Through engagement, Mashwire wanted to help its clients foster a bond with consumers, transforming them to brand advocates in the long run. This connects them emotionally, building brand affinity, resulting in a sustainable impact of the consumers' purchase behavior.

When considering between reach and engagement, Mashwire believes it boils down to the campaign objectives on whether the desired effect is breadth or depth, said Mashwire. One of its key approaches is to create engagement with content. Through research and observations,it creates content based on an in-depth analysis of consumer insights to ensure its relevance, talkability and shareability.

One such campaign was for Nestle Mom & Me - A taste of pregnancy.

This post was done in conjunction with Mashwire. The campaign won a silver in Best Customer Experience; gold in Best Engagement Strategy for a Female Audience; silver in Best Loyalty Programme - F&B; silver in Best Use of Brand Advocacy/Influencers; silver in Best Use of Social and overall Engagement Agency of the Year.


With just 40,000 new mothers each year in Singapore, infant formula brands are challenged to be the preferred brand for parents. The brand needed a differentiating way to reach out to its target audience, to gain awareness and recruitment of new consumers into its Nestlé Baby Club program.


To target mothers, an in-depth understanding of their psychological and behavioral changes right from the start of pregnancy was needed.


  1. Drastic change in mothers’ emotions at start of pregnancy journey
  2. Regardless of support and care provided by husbands, mothers often felt helpless and confused
  3. Good intentions by husbands may be deemed as lack of empathy, due to insecurity mothers feel

Insight: Pregnant mothers want their husbands to experience what they are going through!


The team headed on to the streets to conduct a simple social experiment, in search of men who have not experienced pregnancy. They were then faced with a pregnancy challenge and a few brave men took up the challenge.

A video on the social experiment was uploaded onto the brand’s social media platform. The team issued a challenge on the post for mothers to tag their husbands whom they think is game enough to take up this challenge. Within hours, the video went viral. Many mothers were commenting and sharing the video, particularly to their husbands.


Recruitment figures for Nestlé Baby Club hit an all-time high at 159% versus target. The campaign achieved more than 200,000 unique viewers, 140% engagement rate and 16% increase in fan base. But the most important being the connection the brand has built with its consumers.

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The enthusiasm and excitement this campaign has generated resulted in strong demand for a second sequel.