Case study: Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2015


Campaign: CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2015 “Happy Moment Social Wall”
Client: China Construction Bank (Asia)
Agency: Guru Online




The CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival is a yearly event bringing world class food, drinks and entertainment together. The four-day event was held from 22 to 25
October 2015. Promoting a four-day event on social networking site with an impressive performance is a big challenge to CCB (Asia). Stepping into its seventh year, CCB (Asia) appointed Guru Online to create an innovative online to offline (O2O) event solution.


• To create a memorable and innovative O2O event experience.
• To strengthen the brand presence of CCB (Asia) by staying engaged with audience throughout the event.


To create a memorable and innovative O2O event experience, Guru Online has built the large-scale digital social wall, Happy Moment Social Wall, for the festival with a core purpose to gather and display participants’ photos and selfies.

As hashtags make it easy to collect photos from followers around the Wine & Dine Festival, Happy Moment Social Wall was aimed to maximise marketing exposure by fostering user-generated content. Those user-generated photos were collected from both dedicated Facebook page and the images with #CCBAWND15 tagged on Instagram.




Pre event: Online to offline effect
To create excitement and a cheerful atmosphere pre-event, an exclusive and personalised experience was created by collecting fans’ happy moments through a Facebook campaign “Share Your Happy Moment” that surprises the loved ones as their photos will be displayed on the large-scale social wall upon arrival. It serves as an incentive for campaign participants to visit the event for their photo excitement on the digital social wall.

Event day: Cyclical O2O effect
To capture happy moments event day, a unique event hashtag, #CCBAWND15, was made for fans to share their moments across social media platforms and instantly view their photo appearing on Instagram and the social wall simultaneously since those two platforms are synchronised.

The real-time social wall created a seamless cyclical O2O marketing effect because offline participants constantly uploaded photos on the social media, while the online fans browsing those photos would be simultaneously aroused interest to attend the event. It also further encouraged offline participants to take photos at the event and upload to social media platform as they can view their Instagram photos displaying on the wall instantly.




The use of social media platforms in both phases resulted in creating tremendous online buzz with strong visual impact for CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2015.

Online to offline Facebook campaign performance
3,000+ online participants submitted their photos to surprise the loved ones as their photos were displayed on the large-scale social wall upon arrival. The Facebook campaign resulted in over 250,000 total social media reach for the CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival in pre-event.

Cyclical O2O Instagram Happy Moment Social Wall performance
2,031 photos were uploaded with #CCBAWND15 on Instagram which is five times more than the event common hashtag #WINEANDDINE2015, in four days. The campaign finally generated over 120,000 fans reach and more than 8,000 engagements on Instagram with successful interaction with celebrities and mass public.




Make use of social media for event marketing
The Happy Moment Social Wall encourages participants to upload photos on Instagram during the event, which did not only increase the event hashtag photo participation and user’s interaction on social media, but also provided a brand new solution replacing the normal practice of Instagram marketing by putting the event hashtag on print materials or advertising with no trigger for photo upload.

A brand new O2O event solution to the market
The Happy Moment Social Wall successfully achieved CCB (Asia)’s objective to create an innovative O2O experience. The creation of large-scale social wall did not only help strengthen CCB (Asia)’s innovative brand leadership in the banking industry, but also provided a brand new O2O event solution to other brands or large scale event in both local, Asia Pacifi c and international regions that maximised user’s interaction and marketing performance for social media and offline location.