Case study: FTLife rebranding advertising campaign

To show the company’s strategic business development and global perspective, FTLife looked to reshape its brand image and achieve its mission to drive rapid development for the corporation. C Media Advertising Group was appointed to handle the brand renovation project, helping FTLife to seek a new position and amplify its differentiation advantages to take the brand to a new level.

• To deliver the brand’s motto “Your Future Our Promise” and news releases.
• To promote the role the brand plays in the market – fulfilling customers’ goals at each stage of their lives.
• To show brand attributes – manoeuvrability, adaptability and vitality.

Strategy and execution:
The core strategy of the brand renovation was based on an integrated long-term market analysis to discover the differentiation advantages of FTLife and identify a favourable new position.

While the brand image of other competitors is often related to “in the moment” or a specific context, FTLife launched an energetic and forward-looking campaign to deliver a unique brand message.

New name:
The new English name of FTLife was designed to convey vitality and the brand’s modern and distinctive image.

New logo and slogan:
The hummingbird was chosen as the new logo because of its amazing manoeuvrability, extraordinary adaptability and incomparable vitality which symbolise FTLife’s core attributes. The four colours of the hummingbird represent the company’s “Your Future Our Promise” motto to suit four different stages of customers’ lives.

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ATL media releases:
Going through four different stages of life, the ad aimed to show FTLife provides customers with all-rounded products and services to suit their needs at different life stages. Starring spokesperson Dayo Wong Tze-wah, the ad delivered the brand promise in a sincere and memorable manner.

It aimed to tell audiences that “achieving dreams is not only about seizing the present opportunity, but also looking to the future” in order to let them understand its “Your Future Our Promise” motto.

The TVC and print ads were aligned with widespread media coverage to consistently deliver the brand’s new image and attributes to the general public.

The new rooftop billboard on Hong Kong Island also showed that FTLife aspires to become a top-notch insurance group in Asia, based in Hong Kong, with roots in China.

The print ads and the TVC of the new brand were released in the fourth quarter of 2016, covering major TV channels, social media platforms, newspapers, buses, trams, MTR station billboards, concourses and trains, as well as a number of large outdoor billboards.

Through an integrated marketing strategy, the brand successfully garnered more than 10 million views for the launch of FTLife’s new brand. It became a hot topic on major social platforms.

The video on the brand’s Facebook page broke its highest viewership record of 260,000 views within three months and the number of discussions continues to increase.

Campaign: FTLife Rebranding Advertising Campaign
Client: FTLife
Agency: C Media Advertising Group