Case Study: Don't forget the guys

Almost two months ago, Wyeth Nutrition took a big leap from the mother-focused angle and included the perspective of a father-to-be in its latest prenatal supplement micromovie: and as of this morning, it garnered close to 24,700 views. 

As the spotlight of its latest campaign for Wyeth Materna, the 10-minute interactive micromovie features a couple who has been trying to become parents: viewers can choose to watch the ending from the man and the woman’s perspectives.

Alexandra Lo, digital manager of Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong, admits that the strategy was derived from the novel “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” and adds that this approach was to look at the side of the story that has been neglected for so long: the father's.

“People don’t think about this enough, but the father plays a really important role in pregnancy,” she said. “Women are always complaining about the other half and often don’t see what their real needs are, so we don’t want to ignore the men anymore.”

Aside from the micro-movie, the campaign's microsite also invites couples to share photos and information on how their lives have changed to prepare for a child and relays tips from its staff of registered nurses.

For the full story, stay tuned for Marketing Magazine Hong Kong's July issue.

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