Case study: Bureau van Dijk raises the issue of compliance risks in campaign

With the rise of compliance regulations are being implemented and enforced globally, compliance risks such as  fraud, financial crime, business risk and cyber risk have been rising concerns amongst financial services providers. Organisations need to be equipped with the right data and technology, but this can prove to be an expensive and manual task.

Looking to solve this problem, Bureau van Dijk launched its own campaign. This resulted in an integrated sales and marketing plan with the use of multiple marketing vehicles and channels to reach out to the targeted audience. This allowed the company to clinch a Bronze award in B2B Marketing at the most recent Marketing Excellence Awards 2017 Singapore, for its campaign "Compliance – the data way".

This post was done in conjunction with Bureau van Dijk. 


Recently, increased compliance regulations are being implemented and enforced globally. Compliance risks such as fraud, financial crime, business risk and cyber risk are top concerns amongst financial services providers and corporations as they are increasingly required to enhance corporate transparency.

Organisations are required to be equipped with the right data and technology for proper client on-boarding, anti-money laundering, supplier risk management, financial crime, PEPs and sanctions screening etc. Without the appropriate technology, processes and data, this will be an expensive and manual task.

There is a need to grow its existing compliance base so as to create more awareness about our solutions. As such, the compliance campaign for 2017 called for a bigger focus than the past years.


Reaching out to its target audience of compliance professionals can be challenging. Many are not open to cold calls. Thus, an integrated sales and marketing plan was planned and executed, with the use of multiple marketing vehicles and channels to reach out to the targeted audience. Messaging and creatives are kept consistent through all marketing channels.

The campaign presented a fully-rounded guide to compliance, via several new marketing vehicles created by its marketing team.  These included:

  • Several compliance webinars
  • New whitepapers, including the "A-Z guide to compliance"
  • A poster detailing how corporate ownership works
  • User videos that go into granular detail about compliance

These will be pushed to the prospects throughout the entire year to help build its brand awareness.  Through the campaigns, we hope that it will help the prospects see us as the “go-to” person when it comes to compliance solutions.

Corporate ownership poster


Here are the three main objectives identified:

  1. Educate and reach out to the relevant compliance heads and professionals
  2. Increase the CRM base of compliance leads and contacts
  3. Establish Bureau van Dijk as the compliance thought leader


Its integrated marketing plan was developed with sales targets and priorities in mind.  The plan considers an integrated approach as follow-up by sales is a key success element.  A free trial is given to prospects who meet the business requirements.

Its compliance content is incorporated into our direct mailing and email campaigns and sent to our compliance database.  Our creatives and messaging are kept consistent with our global execution.

We also participated in key compliance events and conferences to demonstrate its data and solutions and engaged as speakers or panellists to establish thought leadership.  Events enable us to engage with its prospect face-face and to conduct demos when required.

Besides its own CRM database, we also work with different partners and relevant associations to promote its content. Social media, especially LinkedIn and blogs, promote its solutions and content with good success rate.


Using different traditional and non-traditional marketing channels and vehicles, Bureau van Dijk was able to create brand awareness and display thought leadership in the area of compliance and ownership data.

The combined marketing efforts across APAC resulted a 202% increase in prospects and contacts as compared to that of 2016. The integrated B2B marketing plan helped generated a very healthy pipeline (figures confidential).

In addition, Bureau van Dijk was placed as "Top 25 Compliance Solution Providers" in 2017 by APAC CIOOutlook, out of 750 providers in the Asia Pacific region.  We were selected for its innovative solutions and for showing great promise in serving customer needs’.