Case study: Astro and Digi's tips on cutting through the clutter of seasonal ads

As one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Malaysia, Ramadan-Raya serves as a crucial period for Digi to engage with its consumers, especially among the Malays.

However, every year, consumers are bombarded by hundreds of Raya greeting advertisements from its competitors, making it tougher for the telco on its mission to engage with consumers during this period. This prompted Digi to launch the "Berikan Masa, Lebih Erat" campaign in collaboration with Astro, which aimed to engage with its consumers emotionally and meaningfully.

This led to the duo winning silver for the Best Media Solution – TV/Online Video on its Digi Berikan Masa, Lebih Erat campaign at the Spark Awards 2017 in Singapore recently. Here's how the campaign was executed.

This post was done in conjunction with Astro.


Ramadan-Raya is a crucial period for Digi to engage with its consumers, especially among the Malays. Each year, consumers are bombarded by hundreds of Raya greeting ads from competitors and more, causing consumers to form blind spots over them. Digi wanted to cut through the festive clutter of Ramadan-Raya and engage consumers emotionally.


The lack of time to bond with loved-ones is the number one factor modern families struggle these days. As such, Astro established a festive communication, Berikan Masa (make time) to encourage people to make time for one another. Astro and Digi shared a common key theme they wanted to explore, and the duo immediately saw this as an opportunity to marry their ideas to create the, "Berikan Masa, Lebih Erat" (make time to create stronger bonds) campaign.

According to the two, the collaboration between both brands was seamless.

Digi ambassadors Akim and Stacy have a massive loyal following among Astro audiences. The audiences had already witnessed their life journey - from achieving their stardom in Akademi Fantasia, falling in love with each other to now establishing a family on their own. It was their first Ramadan-Raya celebration officially as husband and wife, marking a significant event and naturally became a trending topic among fans.

With that in mind, the campaign  "Berikan Masa, Lebih Erat" leveraged on Akim and Stacy’s popularity and the close bonds with the Astro audiences. A five-episode reality mini-series "Lebaran Akim and Stacy" was produced and premiered exclusively on Malaysia’s top online Malay entertainment portal, Astro Gempak.

By allowing Digi to incorporate their brand message into Astro’s festive communication, Astro also gave Digi exclusive rights to co-own the station throughout the festive period. Digi was seen alongside with the station’s branding. This collaboration was unique and incomparable to any other previous partnerships.

To further strengthen the association of Akim and Stacy with Digi, video was chosen as the key platform as it provides room for storytelling. The video was strategically aired in Astro’s top Malay TV channels and online entertainment portal, reaching out to Malay audiences of all ages.


The key objective was to raise Digi’s top-of-mind score from status quo amongst young adults aged 25 to 34. At the same time, avoiding the festive ad clutter through a strategic partnership.


A five-episode reality mini-series "Lebaran Akim and Stacy" which documented the exciting journey of how the young couple experienced Ramadhan-Raya together for the first time. The series included Stacy’s first fasting experience and the times Akim helped her to overcome the hardship she faced. Functional messages were also weaved into the content, featuring Digi’s personalised services that enable users to strengthen bonds with their loved-ones.

As part of the content in the reality series and also in real life, the couple was given a task to write a Raya song to convey Lebih Erat (closeness) through its lyrics. Teaser behind-the-scene videos were added on to Astro Gempak and seeded using social media, producing extra content for the show. HLIVE was also counting down and building anticipation to the release of the song amongst TV viewers.

To launch the song, Digi took over an entire episode of MeleTOP, extended its reality content from online and brought the ambassadors to the live talkshow. At the show, Akim and Stacy shared their experiences going through the first Ramadhan-Raya as a married couple and how they have bonded while spending time producing the song together.

Exclusive behind-the-scenes videos were also shown the first time on the show. Plus, finally the song premiered as Akim and Stacy performed the Raya Lebih Erat song to wrap up the one-hour live show. The music video of the song was released to the public the next day. A special HLIVE segment was added each week, to boost the song’s popularity. HMobile (HLIVE ground arm) was deployed to capture footages of on-ground audience singing the song and then rewarding those who could perform the song well. 14 versions of 10-second fillers carrying trigger messages for "Berikan Masa, Lebih Erat" were scheduled over seven days as lead-ins, lead-outs for high rated programmes across top Astro Malay channels. And finally on Raya eve, a 60-second special "Digi Raya Lebih Erat" clip was inserted in all Astro Malay channels at 9pm, creating a roadblock at the most anticipated time – the Hari Raya announcement broadcast.


As a result, Digi successfully met its objective, as its "top-of-mind" score among young adults aged 25 to 34, increased. Behind-the-scenes videos garnered 473,000 views, music video was played 55,000 times and mini-series 91,000 views (a total of over 619,000 views).

While its social media platforms recorded 5.2 million reach and 50,000 engagements. MeleTOP episode take-over reached out to total of 2 million audiences (total individual), hLIVE weekly segments reached 4 million audiences (total audience). 10-second fillers garnered 5.7 million viewers the 60-second roadblock execution reached 634,000 audiences.

Most importantly, both Astro and Digi managed to demonstrate the possibilities of building stronger bonds, by spending more quality time with loved ones even during this digital era.