Cartoon Network lets Gumball out of the bag

Cartoon Network as part of its ‘It’s a Fun Thing’ brand campaign has launched a new animated sitcom, The Amazing World of Gumball, engaging kids across multiple platforms.

The new cartoon centered around the life of a blue cat, Gumball, will go beyond engaging kids only on TV, as they would be able to follow lives of the programme’s characters online with Gumball’s dad, tweeting, Gumball’s sister posting photos on flicker and the characters blogging on the cartoon network website.

Daniel Tan, associated director of marketing at Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific told A+M: “Kids these days have high expectations on the media and entertainment they consume. They want something new and exciting which is why this cartoon which uses a combination of 2D and 3D animation will catch their interest. Our extension of social media for the cartoon would help them engage more with the characters.”

Tan added the network has plans to dub the cartoon in both BM and Mandarin at a later date in a bid to better reach out to the local market.

The cartoon is mainly targeted towards kids aged 4-17.

“Cartoon Network’s promise is simple, its all about the fun and energy of the playground and we invite kids everywhere to tune in to experience our brand new look and line up of comedy, starting with the laugh-a-second adventures in The Amazing World of Gumball,” Lucien Harrington, vice president of branding and communications, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific said.

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