Carousell jumps on Star Wars hype with fan event in Malaysia

Carousell has partnered with the Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club (SWMFC) to organise a special fan day called "Flying with Solo", in celebration of the release of the new movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. The marketplace expects to become an avenue for fans to trade with collectors of Star Wars merchandise. A+M has reached out to Carousell for additional details.

According to Tang Siew Wai, country head of Carousell Malaysia, the company has developed its own community to trade Star Wars collectible items. Its smartphone app has garnered "adequate attention" of the Star Wars community, and Tang hopes this will help stimulate and engage the fan base.

“After the success of Path to The Last Jedi in 2017, this year’s event has expanded with more fans and enthusiasts gathering at the event to share a common excitement. This is a positive result created through a collaboration between various Star Wars fan clubs and groups collectively known as the Star Wars Alliance Malaysia," Sanjiv Indran, SWMFC president, said.