Carmen Lee to leave

Carmen Lee, chief editor of, will leave the lifestyle news publication for a job in CRM, which involves marketing, public relations and event management.

Lee has worked for the publication for almost 14 years and manned the website alone for the first five years, until she began building a team in 2005.

“ is like a child I brought up and now that it is in its teenage years, I will really miss it after I leave,” she said.

“Working in the media, I have grown so much because I got to come into contact with plenty of new things and meet new people. It has broadened my horizons and when people think of, they think of Carmen,” Lee added.

Lee considers herself first-generation digital journalist, but it’s now time to use her digital skills and extensive network for something else.

“I feel that it’s very hard to work in online media, particularly a publication that distributes trendy fashion and beauty news, when you’re getting old.  I think it’s not good for the company’s image if I was 50 years old and still representing the publication,” she joked.

Digital will continue to play a major role in her upcoming job where she will use the medium to liaise with customers and organise events.  After she leaves, Lee will continue to contribute content to the website as an unpaid guest writer.

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