Carlsberg is rebrewing its beer in Jurassic Park-style, here's why

Using sophisticated ‘Jurassic Park’-style techniques, Carlsberg Research Laboratory has rebrewed what it calls the "world’s very first quality lager."

It is brewed with the original pure yeast which was developed at the Carlsberg Lab. The yeast has surprisingly survived 133 years in a beer bottle in the brewery’s old cellars, and leading brewing experts have now managed to rebrew what is considered the "father of most modern day lager beers."

"Last year, CP+B Scandinavia launched a line of men’s grooming products made from Carlsberg beer. Now, in honor of Carlsberg Research Laboratory’s 140th anniversary, we’ve used ‘Jurassic Park’-style techniques to rebrew the Father of Quality Lagers," it said in a statement.

Brewing beer used to be an unpredictable process resulting in undrinkable beer due to the phenomenon called ‘beer sickness’. As beer sickness was a widespread problem back then, Carlsberg gave the pure yeast, aptly named ‘Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis’, away for free to other brewers. Today, most lager beers in the world originate from that pure yeast discovery, including major international brands.

“Without it, we wouldn’t have the type of beer that is now 90 percent of the world’s market”, says Britain’s leading Beer Historian Martyn Cornell.

Recently, scientists at Carlsberg Laboratory made an extraordinary discovery in the old cellars of Carlsberg in Copenhagen, Denmark. They found one of the very first Carlsberg beers brewed with the original pure yeast from 1883. After one year of intense research, they were able to extract living yeast cells from the bottle.

To celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Carlsberg Research Laboratory, leading scientists and brewers at the Laboratory have now rebrewed the world’s first quality lager in the most authentic manner, using the original pure yeast and the exact same recipe, ingredients and brewing techniques as in 1883. The results is a testament to the historical discoveries at the Research Lab as well as the world leading quality capabilities of the modern day Carlsberg Laboratory.

Check out the process here:

"For the first time in more than a hundred years, men and women will taste a beer, that not only is the forefather to most lager beers today, but that also displays some of the unique capabilities at the Carlsberg Research Laboratories," the statement read. Steve Hindy, chairman and co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery, and former Chairman of American Brewers Association, said: "Being able to go into the archive at Carlsberg and recreate that original beer is very exciting, and I can’t wait to taste it.”