CareER’s silent way to make the disabled heard

Partnering with CareER, AIA MPF produced two online videos featuring two members of CareER, Gigi Yiu and Kevin Ko. The videos show that people with disabilities have valuable talent and that employers should offer them job opportunities.

CareER is a non-profit organisation that devotes support for highly educated people with disabilities to achieve their employment goals. To promote equal job opportunities for people with disabilities, AIA MPF supports CareER as an initiative to give back to society. A long-term campaign platform “Let's work together” has been developed to demonstrate the brand and CSR commitment.

The first video features Gigi Yiu, a customer service associate at AIA MPF, who has a hearing impairment. She is responsible for serving AIA MPF members who have similar communication challenges to assist them managing their MPF.

The video is intentionally produced as a silent video, highlighting hear impaired people rely on subtitle and visuals to communicate in their daily life.

“Eighty-five per cent of Facebook users watch video without sound. This inspired us to produce this 'silent' video to bring us back to the basics and demonstrate the essence of daily communication for everyone. It’s something that Gigi can probably master better than many others,” said Rudi Leung, director of Hungry Digital, the production firm which produced the video series.

The second video is with Kevin Ko, an athlete in table tennis who joined the 2012 Summer Paralympics, who works for a multinational bank in its risk management department.

In this “action” video, Ko shows the audience his disabilities have never limited his determination in turning thoughts into action.

Walter Tsui, founder of CareER, said: "Currently in Hong Kong, there are inadequate employment opportunities for higher educated graduates with disabilities and special needs."

He said the videos aim at raising public awareness of the abilities of people with disabilities as well as to encourage more corporations to open their doors to them.

“We are also delighted to see that Gigi, whom we introduced to AIA MPF, has become a fully fledged member of the AIA MPF team and that she can now put her unique talents to good use.

“Since the launch of the videos, we have seen a significant increase in the engagement on our Facebook page. We hope that as more corporations become aware, we can empower more disabled people and graduates to find full and productive employment.”