Capgemini unveils robotic process automation center for SEA out of Malaysia

Software company Capgemini has unveiled a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Center of Excellence (CoE) in Malaysia. Done in collaboration with UK-based tech firm Blue Prism, both parties aim to support and accelerate customer adoption of Blue Prism’s RPA software.

In addition, the two companies look to provide training, certification, consulting and support services to local consultants and businesses in the area of RPA solutions. The CoE has begun training practitioners across different RPA specialties to serve the needs of businesses in Malaysia across a broad spectrum of industries. According to Capgemini, establishing the RPA CoE will help businesses to reduce costs, improve compliance, increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, gain incremental revenue, and create new revenue and customer experience opportunities.

The focus of the new CoE will primarily be in supporting Malaysian businesses in the areas of telecommunications, banking, financial services and insurance, utilities, logistics, manufacturing, automotive, consumer products and retail.

Gaurav Modi, managing director, Capgemini Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan said together with Blue Prism, the company looks to enable enterprises to operate smarter, see enhanced relationships and experiences for customers and employees alike, all while driving their innovation to become more competitive.

Meanwhile, Gareth Lane, VP of partnerships for Blue Prism in Asia Pacific said Malaysia is a key market for driving RPA adoption and AI development in southeast Asia. “This center is part of our broader expansion in the region, which includes opening offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. We are enabling Malaysian customers to take advantage of our digital workforce capabilities by helping them increase productivity, improve customer experiences and deliver new services,” he added.