You can do better, says Volkswagen

Should you be content with having two airbags in your new car, or is having six airbags a necessity today? Would you have peace of mind driving your family around in a car without Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP)?

These are some of the questions that Volkswagen Singapore, through its ‘You Can Do Better’ campaign, wants to encourage car buyers to ask.

The campaign kicked off in end-July 2014 through an unbranded billboard at Tanglin Mall, which led people to a similarly unbranded website,

Tens of thousands of visitors have since chalked up over 135,000 page views on the site, said The Secret Little Agency, Volkswagen’s agency behind the campaign. New forms of engagement were progressively added over time, all based on the theme of betterment.

The full website will be revealed at 6.00pm today, with more car-specific topics going live. The popular ‘Volkswagen kids’ – who showcase quality, safety and technology benefits – will continue to feature prominently on the site.

“We realised that it’s not easy keeping track of the fast-moving technological developments in the car industry,” said Steffen Schwarz, the managing director of Volkswagen Group Singapore.

“Many car buyers in Singapore don’t insist on having six airbags or the potentially life-saving ESP system in their cars, because they are not aware of how important they are. Another important topic today is achieving fuel economy and environmental friendliness through state-of-the-art engine and gearbox technology."

“Not many people here look into such details when shopping for cars, although they might do it when buying a new smartphone which costs hundreds of times less. We hope the ‘You Can Do Better’ campaign will help consumers make more informed car-buying decisions,” said James Page, the general manager for marketing at Volkswagen Group Singapore.