Caltex launches branded content series starring Bobby Tonelli

Caltex has launched a new campaign, which extends from its partnership with reality TV show, Celebrity Car Wars (CCW). This was done through MEC Wavemaker, which partnered with activeTV once again to create Motoring Marvels, a branded content series for Caltex that solely lives online.

Through CCW,  A+E Networks’ History, activeTV and the agency created over 50 pieces of digital content for Caltex, customised by market, that was shared across  social media pages as the episodes were broadcasted on-air. According to the agency, the response to the digital content was “phenomenal” and drove over 69 million impressions exclusively on Caltex social media pages.

According to the agency, the campaign and series was a “natural extension” of CCW. It allows Caltex to sustain its association with the content series and the overall motoring experience.

Watch the first episode here:

Motoring Marvels is an eight episode branded content series featuring local host and actor Bobby Tonelli. It celebrates the world’s automotive wonders and all things with an engine and wheels. In this series, Tonelli reviews eight automotive machines. Caltex was the principal partner of Celebrity Car Wars, an eight-part reality show on A+E Networks’ History that put six celebrities from across the region through a series of motoring challenges while demonstrating the benefits of Caltex’s new Techron fuel.

“We made a conscious effort to stay away from overt branding or forced product messaging and instead opted to focus on a topic our audience was interested in – awesome cars,” Rajiv Jayaraj, director, content production at MEC Wavemaker, said.


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