Café de Coral serves up Cantonese wordplay in its HK hotplate steak ad

Café de Coral has launched a “Ja-Ja-Lum Sizzling Plate” ad campaign to promote its new dish with a dollop of Cantonese wordplay.

The campaign, created by McGarryBowen, highlights the various visceral elements that together make up the dining experience when having the Hong Kong-style steak dish; the sizzling sound of the hot plate, the bubbling gravy, and the juiciness of the steak. 

The title of “Ja-Ja-Lum Sizzling Plate” plays on the meaning of the words “Ja-Ja” (an onomatopoeia for the sizzling sound of the sauce) and “Lum” (which means “pouring” in Cantonese). Together they form the phrase, “Ja-Ja-Lum” which means “act fast” in Cantonese slang. This itself has a double meaning, as it describes the speedy nature of preparing the dish while also encouraging diners to promptly check it out.

Marketing has to raise a glass to whoever on the McGarryBowen team cooked up that bit of wordception. The agency was recently appointed as creative AOR for Café de Coral, winning the restaurant chain’s business at the beginning of the year.

The new sizzling steak dish is now available in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, including Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, and Foshan.


Café de Coral Hong Kong

Managing director  Piony Leung

Marketing director  William Tsing

Senior marketing manager  Darlie Leung

Assistant marking manager  Katherine Tong

Marketing officer  Irene Leung

Café de Coral China

Managing director  James Yang

Senior LSM manager  Jenny Wu

Marketing manager   Queency Huang


Chef executive officer Simone Tam

Chef creative officer  Jeffry Gamble

Group creative director  Frankie Fung

Associate creative director Keith Liu

Senior art director  Au Sui Lun

Art director  Kaye Wan

Senior account director Diana Tam

Senior account manager  Tim Lam

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