Business leaders top Weibo power list

Beijing – Mainland business leaders are among the most influential bloggers in 2012, according to Sina Weibo.

The microblogging site released its annual list of the most influential bloggers for last year, with three businessmen taking the top five spots.

Topping the list was Kai-fu Lee, former Google China chief, followed by entertainment TV show hosts He Jiong and Xie Na, property mogul Zhiqiang Ren and angel investor Charles Xue.

Sina Weibo also released the most influential corporate accounts list for 2012, led by Chinese photo-editing app and China-based technology firm Xiao Mi. Other familiar brand names in the top 10 list included Durex at the fourth spot and China Merchants Bank at the seventh.

Weibo influence is measured by users’ activity, the number of times their account names have been mentioned by others and how often other users comment on their posts, according to Sina.

Microblogging platforms continue to grow in China, with 309 million people – that is more than half of the country’s internet users – active on services such as Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, according to the latest report by China’s web registry regulator CNNIC.

The report also put the total number of e-commerce shoppers in China at 242 million, and daily deal shoppers at 83.2 million.


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