Burger King Russia apologises for World Cup pregnancy promo

Burger King has apologised for a distasteful ad campaign on its Russian social media account, which offered a lifetime supply of Whoppers to Russian women who get pregnant by World Cup players.

While the campaign has since been removed from Burger King's social media accounts, the screenshot is still circulating online. According to the Associated Press, Russian women who get "the best football genes" and "ensure the success of the Russian team for generations to come" will receive free burgers from Burger King.

In an apology on Russian social media site Vk.com, the brand acknowledged that the ad was "insulting" and thanked consumers for their feedback. It added that all materials related to the ad campaign have been removed.

Some netizens on Twitter were speechless at the ad campaign, adding that they will not patronise Burger King. Meanwhile, some were puzzled at how the company did not think the ad campaign was a bad idea before launching it. Marketing has reached out to Burger King for comment.

Last year, Burger King showed support for "Movember", an annual month-long event that aims to raise awareness about men’s health issues, by shaving the iconic moustache of its mascot The King, in a bid to grow a creative moustache (also known as the “Kingstache”) .

In the campaign “Movember King”, The King encouraged consumers to participate in the #kingstachechallenge and raise awareness for men’s health by growing their own “epic stache” and sharing it on social media. “Movember King” was conceptualised and executed by creative digital agency Code and Theory.