Burger King Indonesia’s response on hiring hearing impaired goes viral

Burger King Indonesia has been hiring individuals with hearing disability, which is undeniably a good cause, but  raised doubts for one customer. In a tweet, the customer questioned whether the move by the fast food brand is a “marketing strategic sh*t”, sparking outrage among netizens.

The company, however, has calmly (yet cheekily) refuted the claim, taking a subtle jab at the customer in the process. Mirroring what was said, Burger King Indonesia said: “It’s not a marketing strategic sh*t. It’s just an equal right for everyone to have a decent job thing.” It even thanked the customer for the shout-out.

The tweet by Burger King Indonesia has gone viral, gaining 201,000 likes and over 613,000 retweets in four days. In one of the comments, the fast food chain also clarified about the sign language used by its employees:

Most of the comments from the netizens called out the customer for his scepticism and praised Burger King Indonesia for providing opportunities to the disabled, to which the fast food chain showed appreciation for the support and shared some funny memes of the King in its replies. However, one netizen pointed out that the company should not have “stooped” to using the “‘s’ word” and showed more dignity. Marketing Interactive has reached out to the company for more comments.

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