Burger King gets consumers earning extra patties with new OOH activation

Burger King Singapore has collaborated with Havas Media, The Idea Laboratory and Medicorp OOH Media to launch a campaign to promote its Burger King Stackers.

One of OOH Media's six-sheet creative panel was redesigned to showcase a towering stack of juicy patties within a burger. By incorporating a simple built-in game, the panel encourages engagement and talkability from commuters. The panel is located at Midpoint Orchard due to high footfall and is situated near Burger King outlets to create path-to-purchase, as well as encouraging top-of-mind brand recall. The six-sheet islandwide campaign will run until 27 November while the creative campaign will run until 1 November.

The aim of the game is for commuters to hit the button when the light reaches the top of the light bar. The column of lights on the left side of the panel will light up from bottom up and vice versa. Upon each successful try, winners will be awarded with a voucher dispensed from the panel, which consists of free additional patties and slices of cheese upon any purchase of a Burger King Stacker. Desserts and sides are also available for grabs.

“Out-of-home engagement is vital in this campaign due to the 'Instagrammable', engaging and fun nature of the stackers. The line-by-line installation plays with the hitting the target at the top of the burger, driving sublime desire for height. With the creative panels at the bus stops that are located where crowds usually are, OOH Media provides the ideal platform to bring the BK Stackers up close to the commuters in a fun and engaging way by transforming the panel into a simple game," Kym Lee, marketing manager, Burger King Singapore, said.

“Fun interactive executions such as this demonstrates to advertisers the flexibility of outdoor media and its ability to create engaging experiences that leave a deep impression on the audiences. In the case of BK Stackers, our panels turned into a simple yet hands-on game for commuters, bringing the brand and the burger stacking experience closer to the audiences," Henry Goh, Head of OOH Media, added.