Bumpy start for Hello Kitty race

Hello Kitty chaos hits streets again - this time with a run over the weekend.

According to Channel News Asia, nearly 17 000 participants turned up to celebrate the beloved feline’s 40th birthday at Sentosa on Saturday morning. The event which kicked off with an optimistic start, however did not have smooth sailing throughout.

A quick check on the event’s Facebook page saw numerous complaints taking over as the wall. Of these, many were over the confusion over the medal collection and distribution. Many participants complained that there was a shortage in the number of medals and accused other runners of taking more than one.

One participant Amy Sim said that while the run was overall a good experience, a better contingency plan was needed. She added that there was also a little bit of "mis-marketing as not all runners received what they were promised in terms of goods". Sim added that the event lacked signage to inform runners where collection was at leading to mass confusion.

Other complaints from the public also echoed Sim's woes of poor execution. Several were also upset that the organisers had their own disposal raincoats while the runners did not.

Another participant Mary Soh said that while she didn’t feel the event was mismarketed, it was however badly handled.

“Although factors such as rain were beyond the control of the organisers, the coordination could have been improved. There was a lack of contingency plan and crowd control and I wouldn’t participate in the event in the future. It was apparent that the working parties were not briefed properly and overall communication was poor. People were notified via social media but those stuck in the rain clearly could not check social media and Facebook in the rain.”

Meanwhile, the organisers, Pink Apple, issued the following response: "We apologise for the change in weather and for the holdup - we're ensuring that our participants' safety is not compromised.” They also added that those who missed out on the medals could reach out to them via email.

Here's a quick look at the run:

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