BSN unveils its Chinese New Year campaign

Bank Simpanan Nasional(BSN) has introduced a new series of print ads for Chinese New Year.

The aim of the campaign series is to convey the Bank’s message of ‘savings through responsible spending’ in a practical and creative way for Malaysia’s key festivals.

Check out the ads here.

In reflecting the tradition of ‘ang poa’ giving during Chinese New Year, Lowe Malaysia and BSN created a customize-able, goat-themed origami money box, reflecting the Year of the Goat.

Puspa Marina Dato’ Haji Omar, senior VP/head of strategic communications at BSN commented: “The idea behind this series is to demonstrate our corporate message of responsible spending with something more than just words and pictures. And because we have chosen to focus on Malaysia’s festivals, we are able to put across a serious message in ways that are both helpful and appealing for our audiences. This colourful Chinese New Year money box is one such example.”

Positioned alongside the message ‘Fortune Favours Those Who Save This Chinese New Year’, the origami and ‘how to make’ instructions will be part of the Bank’s mainline newspaper advertisement during the festive season. Readers can cut out and create their own money box from the page.

Shukri Jai, client service director, Lowe Malaysia added: “Our aim is to engage people with a simple, versatile and universal idea to encourage savings. With this ad, readers can also do a little bit for the environment by using it as a money box. As an additional aspect, for the very family-focused Chinese New Year season, we hope that cutting out and making money box from this ad can also be a fun, family activity.”

Prior to this, BSN’s festive savings series included a collection of wrapping paper page ads for Christmas 2014.

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