Broadway presents a synopsis of self-promotional online behaviours

Social media is an undeniably big part of daily life. In a bid to strengthen ties with consumers, electrical appliances retailer Broadway has rolled out a set of four TV commercials under the headline "Enjoy Your Likes".

Each TVC draws on four types of self-promotional behaviours that social media users used to earn "likes". They include sharing pictures of cute pets and babies (賣萌), posting pictures of food (炫食), showing off personal items (賣藝) and couples conspicuously showing off intimate moments (放閃).

Working with AllRightsReserved, the four executions are humorously interpenetrated by local signer Joey Yung (容祖兒), each of them inspired by a list of public figures on social media from around the world.

Sharing pictures of cute pets and babies (賣萌):

This spot pokes fun on famous internet cat called Samhaseyebrows, the "cat with eyebrows" from the US, a cat addict from Japan called Kagoneko, whose habit is to capture cats' movements and share them online, and online celebrity kids Alexandre (亞歷山大) and his brother Adrien (安德里).

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Posting pictures of meals (炫食):

This one spoofs Malaysian food artist Samantha Lee, well known Vine star Zach King, Japanese idol group of bodybuilders Macho 29, and famous Japanese YouTube sensation Yuka Kinoshita, known as the "Big Eater".

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Showing off personal specialities (賣藝):

mirrors Japanese man-turn-woman YouTube star Protein (女装筋肉 ぷろたん), girls group MinakoMineu, and a six-year-old Australian kid Riley, famous for trick shots.


Protein (女装筋肉 ぷろたん)


Couples conspicuously showing off intimacies (放閃):

This one rides on popular Japanese VINE users Morisuke, Australian pro-wrestler and musician Ladybeard, popular Taiwanese illustrator duo JieJie & UncleCat (爵爵&貓叔), and circus artists Richard and Ashlee.

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"This winter campaign is meant to resonate with today's digital-savvy with viral Internet sensations from around the world, and at the same time, bringing new content to television viewers in order to reach a bigger mass audience," SK Lam, founder of AllRightReserved, told Marketing.

The campaign is also a drive to introduce Broadway's new products, which are subtly placed throughout the spots, and the premium line in partnership with Disneyland, he added.

The campaign runs until February next year, supported by print and outdoor activation launching in near future.