South Korea's Bravo Cone launches new campaign with actor Lee Byung-Hun

Legacy brands are having a moment in South Korea, and as the nation's longest-running ice cream brand, Bravo Cone has launched a new campaign — its first in 10 years — to appeal to Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Bravo Cone tapped Cheil Worldwide to produce a new short film as part of the campaign. Titled Duel at Twelve O'clock, the film stars famous South Korean actor and singer Lee Byung-Hun. 

The first lines spoken by Lee's character pay homage to the brand's iconic "See You at Twelve with Bravo Cone" jingle that came out in 1975, and the song itself gets a modern reinterpretation in the film as well. 

"Bravo Cone has unmatchable brand asset that has been accumulated for decades so we wanted to make the most of it. Moreover, we casted actor Lee Byung-Hun as our protagonist who has a very strong presence and wide acting spectrum from straight drama to comedy in order to make an impression among the Millennials and Gen Z," said Taezin Im, creative director for Cheil Worldwide.

"We launched this new film Duel at Twelve O'clock after 10 years to continue Bravo Cone's legacy as the leading ice cream brand in South Korea," added a statement from the HAITAI Ice Cream company.