Brands have a field day with Apple’s #Bendgate woes

By now we have all heard the new woes that has hit Apple fans with its latest iPhone 6 which can apparently bend out of shape when placed in our pockets. There’s even been a hashtag created (#Bendgate) for the new finding. (Read also: iPhone 6 + users bend it like Beckham)

Leading the Apple trolling this time around is Kit Kat. Check it out:

Last year Google also announced that its Android mobile operating system will appear on 50 million KitKat wrappers around the world – which makes this a double burn for Apple! Aside from product placement, the partnership also gave consumers a chance to win Nexus 7 tablets, Google Play credits and coupons for the candy.

Good one Kit Kat.

Competitors LG also tried to take a jab at the new bendable feature. A little half-hearted if you ask me, but you decide:

And no way will Samsung miss out on this epic opportunity. Check it out:

Meanwhile, this image has also been making its rounds. We’re not sure if it was done by Samsung or a fan but its hilarious nonetheless!


HTC and Nokia joined in the fun as well!

And a hilarious one from Heineken followed soon after:

Have you seen any more jabs? Share with us below.

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