Brands hop on the #dollypartonchallenge

The recent #dollypartonchallenge has taken social media by storm, and brands have been quick to jump onto the hype, featuring their products instead of people. Named after the American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton, the trend sees users uploading social media posts that are segregated into four squares labelled "LinkedIn", "Facebook", "Instagram", and "Tinder".

A different picture is used in each frame, exhibiting the different traits people would usually portray on the respective platforms. The LinkedIn pictures would take on a more professional tone, where the Facebook pictures would be slightly more casual and family-friendly. Pictures of Instagram chosen would be more curated and aesthetic, while pictures for Tinder would have a hint of sensuality.

Parton's post was uploaded on 22 January and at the time of writing has garnered approximately 1.2m likes and 15k comments on Instagram. Here are some of the work of brands in Southeast Asia that caught our eye:

Cycle & Carriage Singapore

Marigold HL Singapore


Capri by Fraser


Caltex Singapore


Organisations in Malaysia such as public transport system Rapid KL and university college INTI have also chimed in with their version of the #dollypartonchallenge. To remain family-friendly, INTI replaced the Tinder picture with the words "not yet available" with the cheeky comment "can use admin's profile ah?" Subway Malaysia joined the online trend as well.

Rapid KL



Brands all over the world have also jumped onto the bandwagon. Here are a few global posts the Marketing team saw.

FedEx Europe

Chevrolet Arabia

Siemens Gamesa

Sophia the Robot

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