Brand owner of Walch taps 100 double deck buses to showcase new personal care items

Whealthfields Lohmann, the brand owner of Walch, has partnered with Moove Media for an OOH campaign comprising 100 buses. According to Moove Media, this is the largest campaign in five years and aims to promote its latest offerings, an automatic foaming hand soap dispenser and a laundry sanitiser.

Tapping on Moove Media’s data-backed recommendations, the wraps on these 100 double deck buses, span across 31 different bus services and one multiple-route bus service. While these services were selected based on the highest visibility and mindshare across Walch’s target audiences, double deck buses were chosen for their larger advertisement space to maximise advertising mileage, Moove Media explained. Each bus also showcases a product on each side. The 100 double deck buses with the Walch wraps will ply the roads until 17 December.

Sharie Lim, head of Singapore at Whealthfields Lohmann, said it chose OOH advertising as the main form of media as the buses provide extensive coverage that reaches the heartlands of Singapore where its target market resides. "Although advertisers are reluctant to embark on OOH advertising due the pandemic which sees a reduction of traffic on the road, we believe that the outreach potential of having 100 buses plying across all corners of Singapore outweighs the cons," Lim added.

Jayne Kwek, CEO of Moove Media, said despite these challenging times, Whealthfields Lohmann saw the potential its OOH platforms could bring in ensuring the visibility and reach of its brand Walch to their target audiences and markets. 

Moove Media is the advertising arm of ComfortDelGro and has been in operations since 2005. Meanwhile, Whealthfields Lohmann manufactures household and personal care products.

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