Brand New Media, TV5 to open new Internet TV Network in PH on 2015

Sydney-based digital media company Brand New Media (BNM) will be launching a new multi-channel Internet TV Network in the Philippines together with local broadcaster TV5.

To open in February 2015, the network is called 4ME and will focus on lifestyle programming covering food, health, fashion, tech, comedy, travel, home, entertainment, celebrity, sport, outdoor adventure and music.

BNM and TV5 will be creating a digital production studio dedicated for locally produced content that will complement BNM line up of international shows.

BNM will be opening a dedicated 4ME website for the venture, aiming squarely at Filipino audiences on any internet-connected device like smartphones, tablet, computers and smart TVs. In addition to accessibility, 4ME in the Philippines will be a free service with no subscription fee in a bid to extend its reach further.

Multi-channel networks (MCN) work by partnering with a video platform to broadcast either original, acquired or user-generated content to an audience on different devices.

While most MCNs work with market leader Youtube, BNM has its own platform called ChannelPLAY that also allows videos and channels shown on 4ME to generate revenue with advertisers and marketing campaigns. Here's a video explaining how ChannelPLAY operates.

“4ME will take a dominant position in the emerging digital media landscape in the Philippines. Audiences are converging to digital and social media in large numbers, particularly the early adopters and opinion leaders so coveted by advertisers,” Damien Bray, Global Director at BNM, said.

TV5 President and Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel Lorenzana, considers the partnership as “one of the biggest industry milestones in Philippine broadcast history.”

“This partnership with Brand New Media reconfirms our position as the No. 1 go-to network for all Filipinos’ multimedia needs. Given TV5’s capacity to produce high-quality content, the programs to be shared around the world via the 4ME multi-channel Internet TV will surely benefit more Filipinos, especially as media consumption skews increasingly towards multiple devices.”