Brand colours, more to do with emotions than feng shui

Marketers and agencies, green is the new black.

According to Master Kenny, feng shui ambassador of Dulux, the "colour green is the most influential good feng shui colour and it can bring forth plenty of positive energies and greater fortunes to promote good health, wealth, harmony and prosperity in year 2014."

To usher in the year of the horse, Dulux has launched Unlocking Potential, in the paint brand's effort to "add colour to people's lives."

CW Goh, managing director of Akzo Nobel Paints said, "Every home, office, school or factory has huge potentials if you know how to unlock the space and the ideas within. This applies to countries, businesses and individuals."

Colours, in its array of hues and tones, have a tremendous influence on how a brand is received by its consumers. It is without question that the choice of colours plays an integral part in the identity and life-span of a brand.

But don't go ahead and warp your brand image or repaint your office space just yet.

A study conducted by 100 global brands share some common ideologies when it comes to defining their business, and it has nothing to do with feng shui.

true colors

In this inforgraph compiled by Column Five, the colour green is better suited for the electrical, construction, and food and beverage industries rather than transportation and fashion. The survey also noted that green is not amongst popular choices for branding.

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In Asia particularly, feng shui is looked at during the start of the new year so as to avoid or promote good fortune.

Will you be incorporating this year's colour into your marketing plans?