Bose dragged into lawsuit for "secretly collecting" customer data

A lawsuit has been filed by a customer against audio equipment company Bose in the US for breaching data privacy.

According to documents seen by Marketing, plaintiff Kyle Zak said he purchased the company’s wireless headphones last month. In order to fully operate its wireless products, he downloaded “BoseConnect” mobile application from the Apple App or Google Play stores and installed it on his smartphone.

"Unbeknownst to its customers, however, defendant designed Bose Connect to (i) collect and record the titles of the music and audio files its customers choose to play through their Bose wireless products and (ii) transmit such data along with other personal identifiers to third-parties—including a data miner—without its customers’ knowledge or consent," said the lawsuit.

The lawsuit then stated that the company then sent “all available media information” from his phone to third-party companies such as is customer data platform. It also accused the company of infringing his privacy by spying and also held the company responsible for selling personal information about its users and their listening habits without their permission.

It added, that Bose "demonstrates a wholesale disregard for consumer  privacy rights" as ones personal audio selections — including music, radio broadcast, podcast, and lecture choices — provide an incredible amount of insight into the users' personality, behavior, political views, and personal identity.

“In fact, numerous scientific studies show that musical preferences reflect explicit characteristics such as age, personality, and values, and can likely even be used to identify people with autism spectrum conditions. And that’s just a small sampling of what can be learned from one’s music preferences,” stated the lawsuit.

Marketing has reached out to Bose for a statement.