Bosch calls on public to save lost recipes of Singapore

Bosch Home Appliances Singapore launched a new campaign to save rare traditional recipes with significant cultural legacies and raise awareness about Singapore's heritage cuisine. Titled Lost Recipes, the campaign was conceptualised and produced by social marketing agency GOODSTUPH and local cooking channel The Meatman.

Lost Recipes focuses on 12 rare local recipes sourced from Singapore's hawker centres and local households and will run until the end of August. In a statement to Marketing, Bosch's spokesperson said the company will also be imparting the recipes through cooking classes open to the public in August.

To kick-off the campaign, Sharon Gonzago, The Meatmen's content development chef, was tasked with recreating "Yi Zi Ban", a traditional Chinese Hakka delicacy. The video was published on Facebook and Instagram, encouraging consumers to share their "lost recipes".

According to the press statement, three "lost recipes" will be selected to be featured in a limited edition post card pack sponsored by Bosch, together with the history of the 12 local recipes.

“We hope to inspire Singaporeans to start caring about their culinary traditions. With any luck, these recipes will never ever again be lost,” Chua Leng Leng, marketing director, Bosch Home Appliances, said.