Bonsey Jaden Thailand appoints new creative director

Digital agency Bonsey Jaden Thailand has appointed Kanokwan Kaewwanich (pictured) as creative director. She reports to general manager Venus Romsaitong and executive creative director Adam Chan.

In her new role, Kaewwanich will be leading and training the creative team to meet client needs and expectations. Previously the creative director at SOHO Square Bangkok, she has been with agencies such as BBDO, and has led teams that worked with clients from various industries such as Thanachart Bank, PARK24, Dumex, King Power, Snail White, and TETRAPAK.

According to a press release, in her first month of appointment, Kaewwanich has already been making waves with Cetaphil, helping to achieve KPIs and generating a great response for her work with the brand, as well as extending her expertise to Singapore Tourism Board to create awareness and relevance to Thai tourists. Kaewwanich pays close attention to the energy of her team, as she believes it determines the quality of the work produced, no matter the size and scope of the project.

In a statement released to Marketing, a spokesperson revealed that Kaewwanich was appointed in January this year after working on a Cetaphil campaign as a freelancer. The spokesperson also said that the role was previously overseen by Chan and managed by the team.
Romsaitong said it is “thrilled” to have Kaewwanich onboard, and “believes” her creative vision will “elevate” both the team and business to “even greater heights”.

“Kanokwan allows us to present fresh ideas to clients with the certainty of exceptional execution thanks to her creative mind and strong work ethics,” said Siriwan Siriwangsanti, group business director of Bonsey Jaden Thailand.

“The team here is exceptional, and I hope to further support its collaboration and contribution of valuable insights, visuals and stories that truly connect in every piece of work we deliver,” said Kaewwanich.