Bonaqua rebrands logo and unveils sleek label-less design

Hong Kong bottled water brand Bonaqua has unveiled a new logo in its latest rebranding initiative, while it has also rolled out a new product design to go in line with its commitment to protecting the environment. 

The company has replaced the original windmill logo with a watermill logo. According to the company, the watermill logo was inspired by the power of water and it hoped to demonstrate the idea of "water is for tomorrow" and "water pushes everything forward". 

bonaqua 01 "Bonaqua’s rebranding reinforces our legacy as a leading bottled water brand in Hong Kong while allowing us to play a larger role in inspiring those around us to achieve a better world and a better tomorrow," said Tim Warwick, vice president operations - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mongolia at The Coca-Cola Company.

“For us, it means driving Hong Kong’s sustainability conversations and offering viable solutions for different occasions. Bonaqua will continue to tackle sustainability through innovative designs, offering sustainable and convenient solutions for our consumers," Warwick added.

To further help protect the environment, inspired by The Coca-Cola Company’s sustainability practices from Japan, Bonaqua will launch its first locally produced and labelless bottle. The label-less bottle draws inspiration from running rivers with a design that delivers higher recycling efficiency by eliminating one packaging material.

Moreover, the new labelless Bonaqua will be available in selected e-commerce channels from 21 June onwards.

Also, Bonaqua has announced a plan to work with Baguio Waste Management and Recycling, and Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park operator, to ensure the proper recycling of all beverage containers consumed in the Hong Kong Observation Wheel & AIA Vitality Park. 

All PET bottles collected will be delivered by Baguio to New Life Plastics – Hong Kong’s first PET food-grade ready plastic recycling plant which is set to commence operations in Summer 2021.bonaqua 05“We are excited to be working with key industry leaders, creating a circular recycling economy at the Hong Kong Observation Wheel. We look forward to collectively educating our guests about the groundbreaking new recycling facilities in Hong Kong," said Robyn Joseph, chief operating officer of Hong Kong Observation Wheel.

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