BMW's 100th: Now that's a class act Mercedes, Porsche

Competition is a given in any industry and we have seen how cut-throat it can get. We've also seen numerous brands take a jab at their competitors- think Burger King and McDonald's, Samsung and Apple (read about all of them below) but the German automobile brands are setting high and classy standards in competition and ethics.

To celebrate BMW's 100th anniversary, competitors Mercedes and Porsche took a cheeky jab but the sheer class of the act, will leave you smiling.

Check out what Mercedes did here in this video:

Doing the rounds of the Internet is this print ad, which Posrche put out.  The ad when translated, means: "The future presents us with great challenges. We meet you with driving pleasure. Porsche bows 100 years ago moving automobile history and congratulates BMW sincerely for the anniversary."

The competition between the three remains as it is - fierce and cut-throat - but that's a nice touch, we say.

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