BMW gives Alexander Calder’s Art Car #01 its HK debut at Art Basel

BMW has launched its annual collaboration with Art Basel to exhibit a classic art car as well as hold a larger campaign to celebrate the festival.

This marks the seventh consecutive year BMW has partnered with Art Basel in Hong Kong. This year MW Art Lounge highlights American artist Alexander Calder’s creation – the first ever BMW Art Car #01.  Expressing his ideas through a wider range of colours, he applied a luminous pattern to the wings, bonnet and roof. Though it was designed by Calder in 1975 this will be the first time it has been displayed in Hong Kong.

In addition to the exhibit, BMW has also launched its “The joy of Colours” campaign, offering discounts and Art Basel Hong Kong 2019 tickets to buyers of selected car models.

Furthermore, in support of young artists, BMW is continuing to be a part of the “BMW Art Journey” initiative, a partnership it has had with Art Basel since 2015. A jury of experts will shortlist three artists from the Discoveries sector for the next BMW Art Journey, with the results being announced on 27 March.

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