BK hits McDonald's with snarky burger ad

A month ago, McDonald’s Singapore launched a Satay Burger, the Shiok Shiok Satay Burger. Unfortunately it seems the public has plenty of complaints about it. A quick look at McDonald’s Singapore Facebook page shows many unhappy patrons lamenting an unsatisfactory experience with the burger.

It seems the main complaint is of puny portions with not enough sauce. (See post comments below)

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While McDonald’s has been valiantly trying to stave off customer anger on its Facebook page (replying each angry comment with a polite note that it would improve), it looks like its competitor has moved quickly to take advantage of the situation.

In the meanwhile, Burger King created its own Satay Burger, using what seems to be user feedback on what McD’s was lacking, and making a better burger. It then snarkily launched ads for a “Real Satay Burger”, touting “real chicken”, “real beef” and “real Satay sauce”.

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Burger King put up a post on its ad last Friday. While it’s still early days, it seems there aren’t many angry comments, with several users commenting that Burger King’s is better than McDonald’s.

Is it one point to BK and zero for Mcdonald’s in this case?

Yvonne Low, senior director of marketing, McDonald's Restaurants responded to Marketing with this statement:  “We are always looking to introduce new and different tastes to provide more variety for our customers. As a market leader you expect a response from other establishments whenever you launch a new product, and at the end of the day the ultimate winner is the consumer.”