Bing Ads rebrands to Microsoft Advertising because of brand familiarity

Bing Ads has rebranded to Microsoft Advertising and the change, according to Rik van der Kooi, corporate VP, Microsoft Advertising is a "simple shift". This is because clients and partners already know it as Microsoft, and many are already tapping into its new advertising products to go further in search, such as the Microsoft Audience Network.

With the rebrand, will become Meanwhile, its partner programme will also evolve into the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program, and all experiences and materials will be updated in the coming months to reflect Microsoft Advertising.

Van der Kooi said in a blog post that it will be introducing more advertising products with built-in AI in the next year, making clients and partners more connected to their data and their business. Two offerings that showcase ways in which Microsoft Advertising is delivering on this potential are Microsoft Audience Network and Sponsored Products.

According to van der Kooi, the company sees advertising evolving to become more meaning, timely and valuable. Following the rebrand, Microsoft Advertising remains the search brand in its portfolio and will only become "more important" as intent data drives more personalisation and product innovation. Amidst the innovation at Microsoft Advertising, van der Kooi said that trust is "integral" to the company and it will always guide its innovation and offerings.

"We believe in empowering every marketer on the planet to achieve more, and our success is realised in what our partners accomplish. The Bing Ads name change to Microsoft Advertising is a reinforcement of this commitment. Thank you for being a part of our success to date, and for helping shape our evolution as a better, more empowering partner," van der Kooi added.

Marketing has reached out to Microsoft for additional information about the rebranding.

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