Bike-sharing service ofo expands in the US

ofo has expanded in the US with the introduction of its services in Washington, D.C, marking its fourth official city in the US. This comes after the company made its foray into Malacca, Malaysia in August, with a plan to deploy 2,000 bikes within the country. ofo previously launched in Seattle, Washington and Massachusetts.

ofo will deploy 400 bikes over the next week, with free rides around the city running until 22 October. There will also be additional promotions taking place throughout the coming months, according to the press statement. Users can use the ofo app to search for bikes nearby and scan the QR code to unlock the bikes. Rides throughout the city are free until October 22nd, with additional promotions taking place throughout the coming months. As in all other cities where it operates, ofo will have local, on-the-ground maintenance and management staff to assist with bike parking and repairs.

"We have seen great engagement with our bicycles in the US so far and are thrilled to bring ofo to Washington, D.C. As we continue to expand to new regions, more and more cities show great interest in ofo because of its convenience, positive environmental impact and health benefits. We look forward to bringing ofo to more cities across the US soon," Dai Wei, founder and CEO, said.

"Washington, D.C. is a great candidate for station-free bike sharing. We are happy to improve access and transportation options for the high number of residents, commuters and visitors who prefer not to or cannot rely on driving, taxis or public transportation to get where they are going," Grace Lin, vice president of ofo US, said.

ofo is present in 180 across 15 countries including Singapore, China and the UK.