A big thank you to all 200,020 of our readers

In April 2014 Marketing magazine’s website, Marketing-interactive.com, passed the **200,000 monthly unique visitor mark for the first time. Since its launch in May 2007, over 4.6 million people have visited the site, amassing over 10 million user sessions and 22 million pageviews – small numbers by Google and Facebook standards but very good for a niche B2B website. Most impressive is the growth of Marketing-interactive.com’s audience since early 2013.*

*Campaign's figures source: Audited Site Traffic for April 2014, BPA Worldwide
**Marketing's figures source: Google Analytics

Marketing Singapore’s editor, Rayana Pandey, attributed the results in part to two major factors: a new content strategy and a newly built website. “A complete switch in our editorial direction last year, which resulted in an analytics-driven approach to reporting, has started to bear fruit,” she said. “Helping us along the way was our new website which has enabled us to optimise content in a far better way than was possible previously.” Pandey added that the Marketing editorial teams across all markets are constantly aiming to engage readers in the most meaningful way possible.

The new Marketing website, which features mobile-friendly responsive design, was built by TBWA’s Digital Arts Network.

"We knew that mobile could no longer be ignored in the APAC region and hence chose a 'mobile first' approach for the redesign of Marketing-interactive.com when engaged to refresh the site,” said Oz Dean, creative director of Digital Arts Network, who lead the project. “We suspected that the majority of (potential) readers of Marketing-interactive.com were mobile focused with regards to how they consumed their content and were often on the road."

"We chose to design a responsive website, ensuring consistency across all devices, because this is what readers of Marketing Interactive expect today; the huge growth witnessed in a short time suggests our hunch was right," added Dean. Digital Arts Network also built the site content management system and ensured site stability with the most advanced programming and robust architecture.

“Surpassing 200,000 unique visitors in a single month is a great milestone for us as we push further towards a digital-first strategy,” said Marketing Hong Kong’s editor Matthew Eaton. “Our increased reach is further evidence that Marketing-interactive.com is Asia’s best site for everything marketing related and we are thrilled that our readers are part of that milestone.”

From all of us at Marketing, thank you for your continued readership and for helping us achieve this impressive landmark in Asia. We couldn't have done it without you.