Bid4Ad completes angel fundraising round

Bid4Ad has closed SGD 1million angel fundraising round.

The company's vision is to create a central marketplace where "traditional and digital media are bought seamlessly in a few clicks."

Under construction is a cloud-based inventory management system allowing users to log in from anywhere and manage sophisticated inventory profiles. In addition, it will also connect them directly to existing digital exchanges.

This will allow Bid4Ad to increase massively their inventory and crucially, keep it real-time.

“In the last few years, digital media ad technology has advanced relentlessly bringing higher efficiencies as well as cost savings to brands, ad agencies and media publishers," Christopher Yeo ex-CTO of SPH who joins Bid4Ad as a senior advisor, said.

"However, despite the growth of digital media, print media has not gone away, especially in Asia. Many niche print media titles, outdoor and transport media owners are still seeing demand for their products. Bid4Ad is now poised to deliver the same level of innovation, efficiencies and cost savings to the print media world through state-of-the-art, cloud-based big data and analytics software.”

“It brings us one step closer to bridging the gap between the digital world and traditional media,” Gregory Marchand co-Founder of Bid4Ad, said.

"Investors have recognised that Bid4Ad is a prime example of innovation and Bid4Ad will now accelerate their technology developments to tackle the markets inefficiencies further."