Best YouTube ads in Hong Kong revealed

Google Hong Kong has just released the 2016 Q3 YouTube Ads leaderboard to reveal which brands have resonated most with audiences across the city between July and September.

This past quarter saw newcomers, as well as familiar heavyweight brands, employing humour, local relevance and authenticity for their video ad campaigns on YouTube. The top five ads of Q3 2016 were:

1. Mannings

Mannings tugged at heartstrings with “萬寧陪你 笑多啲健康啲!”, an ad that played on the trials and tribulations of growing up in Hong Kong today. The premise is simple – their mascot, the Mannings Cat, watches sadly as five adorable girls are consumed by studies and extracurricular activities, never having the time for any fun. He surprises them by “giving” them an afternoon off to be kids again. The company has successfully utilised its well-loved mascot to touch on a locally relevant issue that many adults and parents can relate to.

2.Circle K

Taking the second spot was Circle K, who promoted its latest product redemption, Monchhichi musical dolls, with the upbeat and memorable video ad “DoReMi Monchhichi 全世界都happy啲”. Circle K combined a recognisable jingle, a colourful collage of the dolls, and a dancing Circle K employee to play on the “cuteness” theme in capturing attention, and had Hongkongers viewing again and again.


SK-II’s latest ad, “您小時候的夢想是什麼? 擁抱大夢想,找回真實的自己並改寫命運。| SK-II Hong Kong” is part of their ongoing #changedestiny initiative. The ad consists of several interviews with several Korean women, in which they are asked to share their childhood dreams, and how they have eventually abandoned their dreams to fit with the reality. It then reveals that young girls were the ones asking the questions throughout the interview, creating strong emotional impact, leaving many viewers in tears.


Optical services brand Optical 88 employs a light-hearted approach to drive home the importance of early eye care for nearsightedness in “熊專業護理注意 第3話 – 近視控制 OPTICAL 88”. An inquisitive young boy asks his dad and grandfather a series of questions, including why he has short eyesight, and the adults answer “It’s hereditary!” to every question. “88 Bear” comes to the rescue and reminds the boy of the need to do early eye care.


The “Kotex Comfort Soft x 黃又南微電影《舒服,不是習慣,而是一種比較》” video is another long-form ad that themed around love, caring and painful romance. Set against a Tokyo backdrop, it tells the story of two individuals whose lives are inadvertently intertwined when a heartbroken girl crosses paths with a soft toy street peddler.

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