BBM gets hip with local brands

Blackberry is still alive and kicking, according to the popularity of its messenger app BBM, which saw 10 million downloads in 24 hours when it was first made available on Android and iOS platforms in October this year.

Since then, the app has seen 80 million active users worldwide including 20 million new users from other platforms.

“This has been an incredible launch for BBM across Android and iPhone devices. The mobile messaging market is full of opportunity for BBM. We intend to be the leading private social network for everyone who needs the immediate communication and collaboration of instant messaging combined with the privacy, control and reliability delivered through BBM,” said Andrew Bocking, executive vice president, BBM at BlackBerry.

To further promote the messenger in Malaysia, BBM has selected popular local brands to help push the app out to Malaysians everywhere in a campaign called #BBM4ALL.

Brands including retail distributors – The Swagger Salon of the LANSI brand fame and Tarik Jeans; food vendor – MyBurgerLab and local singer and song writer – Amir Jahari will all be utilising their respective channels to persuade users to download BBM with brand collateral as incentive.

Hundreds of T-shirts from The Swagger Salon and Tarik Jeans, special Tarik Jeans Varsity Jackets, as well as burgers from MyBurgerLab have been prepared for the campaign, which will wrap up in December.

Tempus Events conceptualised the campaign with Text100 taking on PR duties.

The BBM app is available on and is free to download from the Appstore and Google Play.