Bata puts fresh spin on shoes with Coca-Cola collaboration

Bata Heritage and Coca-Cola have decided to merge their DNA, putting a fresh spin on the Bata Tennis and Hotshot with an array of graphic-styled footwear for the Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

The collaboration comes as Bata and Coca-Cola share the distinctive red and white colours in their branding as well as values of authenticity, community and trust. The Bata Tennis collection features a Coca-Cola logo drawn in white on red canvas, which covers the entire upper portion of the shoes and matches the piping and laces. The pair of shoes was made especially for students to wear for their physical education classes and has been around since 1936 in India.

Meanwhile, the revamped version of the Hotshot, which was first introduced as a basketball shoe in 1972, features the iconic colours of Coca-Cola on two different styles with colour variations. The first style is a graphic off-white version featuring red stitching, laces, side and back logo, as well as thick piping going all around the shoe. It also comes with Coke’s famous tagline “the real thing” embossed in statement black on the side of the sole. There is also a fun version which spells out in red the word Coca-Cola in multiple languages across an off-white canvas.

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In a statement to A+M, Bata's spokesperson said that the products were sent out to select micro-influencers as it was a "great way" to get the general public talking them and obtain raw feedback on the new collection. The new shoes were also seeded to viral media platforms to further generate buzz on the collection.

Bata is also currently running a Bata Heritage X Coca-Cola contest on Facebook and Instagram, offering two winners with a pair of Bata Heritage X Coca-Cola shoes. A total of 105 and 316 submissions were received on Facebook and Instagram respectively, while recording a cumulative reach of 30.6k on both platforms, the spokesperson said.