Baidu buys US tech startup xPerception

Chinese Internet giant Baidu has agreed to acquire U.S. computer vision firm xPerception for an undisclosed amount to boost up its artificial intelligence capabilities, according to Reuters.

Founded by two former engineers from Magic Leap, the startup focuses on making vision perception software and hardware with applications in robotics and virtual reality.

"The acquisition of xPerception is the latest in a recent series of notable investments aimed at strengthening Baidu's position as a global leader in AI," said the announcement.

After the acquisition, the core xPerception team will join Baidu Research and move to Baidu’s US and Beijing offices, continuing to work on its visual inertial simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology, which uses visual and inertial sensors, such as cameras, accelerators, and gyroscopes, for object detection and path planning.

This comes after its acquisition of Beijing-based AI startup Raven Tech and the joining of president and chief operating officer Lu Qi.