Axxel Marketing adopts Daughters Of Tomorrow as part of CSR initiative

This post is brought to you by Axxel Marketing

Axxel Marketing, a promotional gifts and premiums company in Singapore has partnered Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT), a charity that aims to empower woman and enable families, as its adopted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charity for 2019-2020.

Since its incorporation in August 2014, Daughters Of Tomorrow has been complementing and supporting existing training and workforce-related agencies by connecting volunteers and community resources to enable underprivileged women into employment and livelihoods. As of January 2019, Axxel Marketing has extended its office space to help facilitate DOT’s operations, activities and training programs in ultimately achieving their goal.

The waived rental cost alone saves DOT enough money each year that could support over 400 women with their transport and phone top-ups during their job search and interview process. Axxel Marketing is currently in plans to provide other support to DOT as part of a long-term partnership strategy. This would align with the Axxel Marketing’s focus to develop a flexible one-stop service platform and build a strong community resource that enables the less fortunate as well as meet the needs of today’s businesses.

“We are humbled to be a part of such a great cause. This initiative will open up many opportunities not only for DOT to expand their programs but also for Axxel Marketing to become more involved in the community,” said the company’s Chairman Michael Lim.