Axe goes out of this world

Unilever has launched a new fragrance, Axe Apollo, with a global campaign to send fans out of this world, literally.

The campaign, launched in 60 countries including Malaysia, involves the creation of the Axe Apollo Space Academy (AASA), partnering the Space Expedition Corporation (SCX) to send 22 people around the globe to space.

Unilever positions Axe Apollo as sophisticated fragrance, targeted to men from 15 to 29 years old, that gives an edge in the mating game, even those who are new with romance.

Axe is most famed for its edgy and sexy ads that have been banned in a few countries.

In an official launch last night, Ashlee Ng (pictured left), brand building director, Unilever Malaysia, said, “It is not about sexuality. It is more of giving them the confidence and send a message that if you’re an average guy, you can still attract women. If you’re an average guy and have been to space, women will look to you as a hero.”

Malaysians can join by signing up at from March until July 2013. Contestants will then be shortlisted to be a part of the national challenge in Florida in December based on the most number of votes. The space trip is scheduled in early 2014.

As this is its first global campaign, Axe is hoping to achieve higher number of entries than its past campaigns.

The integrated campaign will kick off in April and the following months.

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