Awkward Ah Seng debuts in the latest SKM campaign

Ah Seng is here to help you with kindness.

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) has kicked off its 2014 media campaign to encourage kindness and graciousness, but this time, with an awkward plot twist.

This year’s campaign continues with “A Nation of Kindness Starts with One” as its central theme, and plays around with the idea that even though one person can’t do everything, everyone can do something to make someone’s day. Everyone... including a well-meaning but terribly awkward young man named Ah Seng.

“Awkward Ah Seng” is a new character developed for the 2014 campaign. A series of six videos have been developed around him and will be released via the microsite.

The videos follow Awkward Ah Seng through a series of painfully humorous situations related to everyday graciousness.

See the videos here and tell us what you think:

William Wan, general secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement, said, “The ‘Nation of Kindness’ message has been well received, but one significant barrier to getting you and I to step up and be kind to each other has been the fear of awkwardness. What if this person doesn’t actually need help? What if this person rejects my kindness? Or what if the people around us misjudge my intentions? That would be very lau kui, right? The character of ‘Awkward Ah Seng’ may help us better understand, and overcome, these fears that stand in the way of us making Singapore into a nation of kindness.”

Aside from the videos, the microsite will also host four flash games based around kindness and graciousness. These games were developed by second-year students from Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Games Design & Development course, in collaboration with SKM.

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