Audi on demand launches in Hong Kong

Audi is betting big on mobility. Following the launch of its first mobility programme "Audi at home" in Hong Kong last year, the company launched "Audi on demand" yesterday to offer car-renting services to all residents in the city.

While "Audi at home" was previously available within the residential building, the new mobility programme extends its services to everyone who registers on their web app. Similar to "Audi at home", the new programme offers both hourly and daily rentals, which include fuel and mileage, cleaning, insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance and customer support. Few series of Audi models can be booked from an hour to a maximum of 28 days. Hourly rates start from HK$160 to HK$1200, depending on the requested model.

Lothar Korn, Audi Hong Kong's new managing director on board for nearly five months, told Marketing Hong Kong is the fourth city to join the programme following San Francisco, Munich and Beijing.

He said Hong Kongers' demand for luxury cars is quite high, which is rare among any other cities in the world, and the demand has been running quite stable these few years. With the previous programme seeing 1/3 residents registered the service, and used it for one or more than one time, Korn felt that there are more opportunities in the market.

"Residential parking spaces here in the city are very limited. We think the programme can make urban mobility easier for the residents of Hong Kong, and also widen consumer access to our brand," Korn explained.

He added that the company has drawn reference from "Audi at home" and learned that high-performance car usually performs better.

Though unable to share the units of car that will be available for the rental, Korn said the team will focus on offering a variety of range of Audi models to the city.

"We only have two access points and one compound in the city, but you can definitely expect more."

Earlier this month, Audi Hong Kong introduced "personal online advisor", which extends Audi’s customer service to its website visitors via text chat, video and voice communication. Korn said mobility would definitely be one of his key focus in Hong Kong, but he also targets to position the city as the lighthouse for the China market.