Audi drives local interest with custom mag

Audi Hong Kong has boosting its CRM activities with the launch of a local version of its quarterly bilingual custom magazine.

With a heavy focus on lifestyle the new title, produced in association with South China Morning Post, will feature a wide range of local content underlining the market’s importance for the brand.

“The global Audi magazine has gained great traction with our customers internationally but local customers are more interested in local events or activities, so we replace global content with a lot of local content that is relevant to Hong Kong customers in order to make them feel they are part of Audi family as well,” said Reinhold Carl, managing director of Audi Hong Kong.

He also said up-coming issues will include more female-focused content to appeal to a wider demographic.

“As we are trying to associate our brand with lifestyle, it is very important for Audi to stay close to locals as Hong Kong is not just a business hub in Southern China, it is a trendsetter for the region which is leading the way culture and design,” he said.

The Hong Kong edition revolves around four key themes which foster an understanding of Audi’s brand development among its readers. They include “Start”, covering the automaker’s news in Hong Kong such as recent events and campaigns; “Drive”, displaying the latest car models; “Move”, which is about sports events and test drives supported by Audi; and “Inspire”, featuring content around arts, design and technology.

“With our footprints across new media and traditional media channels, we found that a large group of our customers still prefer something physical like a magazine to grab information. So this (the magazine) becomes our key platform for us to communicate with customers,” he said and added that digital version of the magazine is not being considered at this stage.

With a circulation of 15,000, the magazine will be published quarterly on each January, April, July and October.

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